Workshop tonight about look of Olympic Stadium

Tonight, the City of Hoquiam will hold a workshop along with the City Council meeting to discuss color and design options for the historic Olympic Stadium.

The public is invited to view a workshop on the ongoing project at the stadium that involves structural repairs, construction of a new ADA accessible restroom at the main entrance and replacement of the cedar shingles along Cherry Street and at the main entryway.

As part of the project, it has been proposed that the color of the historic structure be adjusted to reflect the original wood color of the building.

Because Olympic Stadium is on the National Register of Historic Places and the City of Hoquiam’s Local Register of historic buildings, the City is required to have the construction work reviewed by the City’s Historic Preservation Commission. 

When the project was reviewed by the Historic Preservation Commission, the history of Olympic Stadium showed that the original facility was natural wood, was later painted green, and then changed to the current gray exterior. The commission recommended using the classic look as part of the ongoing work. 

At the May 23rd City Council meeting, the Council approved a recommendation by the City’s Historic Preservation Commission that would change the exterior colors from crimson and gray to a stain more closely resembling natural cedar which would have been the colors when the facility was original constructed in the 1930’s.

The conversation at that meeting was mixed, with some councilmembers wishing the stadium be painted to Hoquiam High School colors.

Tonight, the Mayor and City Council will hold a workshop from 6:30-7:00 pm, prior to the 7 pm Council meeting, in the City Council chambers to revisit the recommended stain color on Olympic Stadium and will discuss opportunities to fund replacement of additional siding along the west and north ends of the stadium.

The current project at Olympic Stadium is funded through a $900,000 Washington State Community Development Block Grant, $30,000 from the Grays Harbor Community Foundation and $20,000 from Grays Harbor County Tourism. The cost estimate to replace the additional siding on the west and north ends of the stadium totals $735,000. Any individuals, businesses or groups who would like to make a financial contribution to this community project are encouraged to contact City Administrator Brian Shay.

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