City of Aberdeen launches website for US 12 Highway Rail Separation Project

The City of Aberdeen has launched an informational site for the ongoing US 12 Highway Rail Separation Project

The city is currently in the final phases of design for the project, working in partnership with the Washington State Department of Transportation to solve vehicle congestion in East Aberdeen. 

The city stated that by creating a separate pathway for motorists and non-motorists into the East Aberdeen commercial area, the project is focused on making the route safer and more efficient for the community, visitors, and businesses by making driving easier, improving traffic, and helping emergency services.

This includes the construction of an overpass to allow traffic into the shopping center area during rail traffic to avoid backups as increased rail traffic moves through the area.

This would create uninterrupted access for vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians and 24/7 access to emergency services.

The City launched the website for anyone who wants to learn more about the project to get information about the ongoing work.

Project Benefits Named by City of Aberdeen:

Reduced delays on US 12 due to vehicles blocking the travel lanes while waiting for trains that are blocking existing at-grade driveways into the commercial area.

Improved traffic flow on US 12 due to diverting vehicles turning into and out of the commercial area to new grade-separated ramps.

Improved safety for left turning vehicles into the commercial area by replacing the Chehalis Street signalized intersection with a roundabout at Newell Street (roundabouts reduce the number and severity of vehicle conflict points at the intersection).

If you have questions or comments about this project, please contact Nick Bird at (360) 537-3218 or [email protected].