Roiko to replace Glasier as Aberdeen High School Principal in interim role

With Aberdeen High School Principal David Glasier down at the end of the school year and moving out of the area, current Assistant Principal Aaron Roiko has agreed to serve as interim principal next year.

The announcement of the new leadership was announced this week to staff.

Glasier had served as Principal after transitioning from a role as a math teacher within the district, then serving as AHS assistant principal and district Human Resources director before taking on the role of principal this year. 

He announced that he will be relocating to Virginia, to be close to family roots.

“Aberdeen has been a fantastic growth opportunity for me professionally,” he said. “All the wonderful colleagues and work we have done together over these last seven years has been amazing. Although I will be in Virginia, a piece of me will always remain in Aberdeen.”

Superintendent Alicia Henderson said that while unexpected, “I fully support David’s decision to pursue this dream.”

She commended both Glasier and Roiko for managing the high school during the pandemic, while also preparing for a future full of changes, such as the return to a semester system this fall.

“David and his team at AHS have really coalesced some important initiatives to improve options for student learning and strengthen the esprit de corps,” Superintendent Henderson said. “As we emerge from the pandemic, stability is something that should not be compromised. With Aaron at the helm, I am confident AHS will stay the course and maintain the exceptional momentum that is under way. I appreciate that he has agreed to step up and assume this position to serve our district and ensure stability at AHS.”

Roiko is a longtime resident of Grays Harbor, having taught in the Cosmopolis School District for more than 12 years and serving as a coach in Aberdeen for nine years before accepting the position as Aberdeen’s first full-time athletic director in 2016. 

Last year, he was named assistant principal at AHS. He holds a bachelor’s degree in communication/public relations from Northern Michigan University, a bachelor’s degree in elementary education (K-8) from Washington State University, and a master’s degree in education administration and leadership with principal certification from Grand Canyon University.

“I care about our school, our staff, students and families and will do my best to serve all of these people with an understanding that every student has a place to be successful,” he said.