City of Aberdeen chooses alignment option for Market Street; impacts to homes expected as part of levee project

The City of Aberdeen voted to accept the recommendation from Public Works staff regarding the future alignment of Market Street as part of the North Shore Levee Project currently under planning.

Following an open house and public comment opportunities, the preferred alignment presented at the meeting would be specifically for Market Street, roughly beginning at D Street and ending near the Young Street Bridge.

The need for a decision on Market Street follows a determination from FEMA that they would not continue the environmental review process until a preferred alignment had been confirmed by the City of Aberdeen.

Alternatives were presented in November 2023 on multiple options for Market Street. This included proposals to construct a concrete floodwall along either side or in the middle of Market Street, placing an earthen berm on the south side of Market, or a sheet pile wall along the shoreline.

The proposed options featured cost projections as well as listing assumed advantages and disadvantages.

City Engineer Nick Bird stated that as the project continues under the planning process, there will likely be adjustments needed.

According to documents presented to the council, the preferred alternative would elevate Market Street beginning between Chicago Ave and N Stanton to roughly the North Aberdeen Bridge, in addition to a floodwall in the center of Market Street from N Stanton to Chicago Ave.

Image from the City of Aberdeen

As the levee process moves forward, the City has continually stated that to protect the larger part of the city from flood risk, some homes would be impacted negatively. Public Works Director Rick Sangder reiterated that fact.

Residents during the comment period and at the Wednesday council meeting spoke out against the project and its impacts to homes along the river. Many noted that much of the area between downtown and North Aberdeen is listed as a FEMA X zone that does not have a federal requirement for flood insurance.

Bird noted that this X zone does not align with the data that they have seen.

Sangder spoke to council and public concerns about any homes in the work area, stating that residents would be compensated if they were impacted negatively.

The motion to accept the alignment passed 9-2, with Councilmembers Carter and Maki voting against it.


April 10 Aberdeen City Council Meeting Agenda – Market Street Alignment