Local levies still passing; Aberdeen levies approval inscrease

Following the second count of ballots from the February Special Election, the Aberdeen School District has gained some breathing room as their levy requests are passing by a larger margin.

On Election Night, Aberdeen saw their Educational Programs and Operation (EPO) and Capital levies passing, but barely. The EPO levy was sitting just above a 50% majority with the Capital Levy slightly over 51%.

After a second count of ballots received before the Tuesday cutoff, approximately 470 Aberdeen votes were added to the total, increasing the approval ratings for the EPO and Capital levies to 53.11% and 54.11%, respectively.

All other local school levies remain safely in the passage range following the addition of eligible ballots.

The local voter turnout rose from 23.7% on the first count, to 32.39% as of Thursday.

Nearly 75% of the voter turnout was 55+, with almost 55% being above 65 years-of-age, according to the Secretary of State’s Office.

An additional ballot count is scheduled for February 20 before the vote is certified on February 23.