All local school levies currently passing; not all secure wins

School districts throughout Grays Harbor and Pacific counties are asking residents to support funding for their local schools in the February Special Election, while Pacific County Hospital District #2 (Willapa Harbor Hospital) is asking for a new facility.

As of election night, all local districts are showing approval toward their respective levies, although not all voting districts are showing numbers that indicate safety through the vote counts for replacement or new funding options.

Grays Harbor Results

  • Aberdeen residents are holding only slight approvals for both the Educational Programs and Operation (EPO) and Capital levies as of Tuesday night. The EPO levy is passing by only 15 votes in the first count, holding a 50.32% approval. The Capital Levy is also showing only slight approval at 51.64% in favor.
  • The Cosmopolis school had 62.24% of voters in approval of their EPO Levy.
  • Elma has majority approval within Grays Harbor, although they are not receiving the same support within their Mason County boundaries. Together, the counties show a 52.48% Yes vote.
  • Hoquiam residents are narrowly approving their EPO Levy as of Election Night, with 54.51% approval as of the first ballot tabulation.
  • McCleary voters showed a 63.32% Yes majority as of Tuesday in combined results between Grays Harbor and Mason counties.
  • Montesano voters are showing approval for their EPO Levy within the district, with 54.3% voting for the funding.
  • North Beach voters are in support of the district’s EPO Levy as of Tuesday, with 55.19% in favor.
  • The Oakville School District EPO is passing in both Grays Harbor and Lewis counties, but showing only 35 votes separating approval from failure at 55.22%.
  • Satsop School District voters are showing a resounding approval for their EPO Levy at 83.33% in the first count.
  • An EPO Levy for the Wishkah school is seeing positive approval at this time, with 67.32% in favor.


  • Rochester voters are approving their EPO Replacement Levy at 60.1%, although the entirety of votes are currently only showing within Lewis and Thurston counties. The Grays Harbor Elections Office shows zero Grays Harbor voters within the district turning out ahead of Election Night.
  • Voters within the Mary M Knight  School District are in favor of their Education Enrichment Levy for both Grays Harbor and Mason counties. Grays Harbor residents account for only a small portion of the total 54.83% favorable vote.

Pacific County Results

  • Naselle-Grays River School District voters within Pacific County show 62.15% in favor of their Educational Programs Levy replacement levy. 
  • Ocean Beach School District is receiving a 58.94% approval for their EPO replacement levy, while also showing approval for their Capital Improvements & Upgrades Levy also showing approval at 59.53%.
  • Multi-county votes for the Pe Ell School District show that 63.92% voted Yes to renovate and improve school facilities.
  • Raymond voters turned out to show 56.05% in favor of their EPO Levy as of Tuesday.
  • South Bend School District residents hold a tight lead of 52.63%, a lead of 39 votes.

While school districts in the county are seeing favorable results, Pacific County Hospital District #2 (Willapa Harbor Hospital) is showing overwhelming opposition to bonds for a new hospital. As of Tuesday night, 63.03% are voting no for the funding.


23.7% of eligible Grays Harbor voters turned out before Election Night.

37.49% of Pacific County voters participated in the election as of the first numbers.


The February Special Election will be certified on February 23, 2024.