Jim Rose selected to fill vacancy on South Bend School Board

South Bend Superintendent Jon Tienhaara announced that the School District Board of Directors appointed Jim Rose, of Bay Center, to fill a vacancy on their board.  

Rose fills the vacant District 1 position previously held by Dave Eastham.  Tienhaara said that Eastham had served on the board for 23 years prior to moving to Idaho.  

The District 1 school director area is the largest district by land area, consisting in parts both north and south of the Willapa River, west of Pacific Street in South Bend, and south of South Bend city limits to Nemah.

Mr. Rose made his application to the board with the interest of giving more time to the school and community. 

“I have been pretty busy with our business [Rose Ranch] for many years and I have been eager to be more involved,” says Rose. “Having all three of my sons back on the ranch now allows me to provide more time to the community.”  

Mr. Rose follows his father, Bob Rose, who served on the board decades earlier. 

“Dad first served on the Bay Center school board, and then moved onto the South Bend board in the late 60’s, right as the current high school was finishing construction.”said Rose, adding “He served into the 70’s”.

A Class of 1980 South Bend alumnus, Rose, and wife Robyn, have three sons–Shaun Rose, Brett Rose, and Drew Rose–all South Bend High School graduates.  Mr. Rose now has a granddaughter who attends first grade at Mike Morris Elementary School. 

“I don’t have any agenda for being on the board”, he says.  “I feel like our school is on a great path right now.” “The facilities are top notch, we have great staff, and I don’t know of any changes that need to be made.” “Having said that, I do feel like I could contribute positively to the board going forward.” “I currently have one grandchild in the district and will hopefully have a lot more one day”, he concludes. “I would like to help make sure they have an excellent school to attend.”

Rose joins the board with fellow members consisting of chairman Chuck Spoor, vice-chairman Todd Strozyk, director Andy Seaman, and director Wendy Manlow.