Aberdeen moving homeless residents off river; may move them behind City Hall

Originally posted 7-10-2019

The City of Aberdeen is moving forward with clearing people off their River Street property and cleaning up the land, while also looking at additional locations to house those who need assistance.

Mayor Erik Larson issued a statement to KXRO saying that, as announced, the city posted a 72-hour notice of closure of their land along the Chehalis River on July 8 and they intend to provide 3-day notice by the end of this week to those remaining on the property.

He says that the city will also begin to clean up garbage and debris on the site.

The statement says that on Monday, July 15th, the City will begin a comprehensive clean-up of the property that will include removal of personal property for secure storage and retrieval.

Personal property that is collected during the cleanup will be stored for sixty days, and if it is not claimed within that time, the City may dispose of it.

Notice will be provided regarding how to retrieve personal property.

Those on the property or who have items left at the homeless camp will be allowed to access the area by vehicle through the “H” Street gate between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm starting Wednesday July 10.

“We ask that individuals not supporting the relocation of individuals please refrain from accessing the property and respect the public closure.”

On their City Council agenda for tonight, the Ad Hoc City Council Committee on Homeless Planning has a recommendation that identifies the rear parking lot of Aberdeen City Hall as a short-term location “where unsheltered individuals can be directed and where reasonable rules are instituted and 24-hour security is provided, until such time as a longer-term location may be developed and/or adequate shelter becomes available. “

The committee recommends up to $30,000 be spent to establish a temporary location for overnight shelter on city property while also entering negotiations to acquire a longer-term location and to seek additional funding.

The City of Aberdeen will be considering proposals for an alternative location for displaced individuals tonight at the City Council meeting at 7:15pm in the Council Chambers on the 3rd floor of City Hall.