Pacific County Drug Task Force arrest of Ocean Park man

The Pacific County Drug Task Force shared details following an arrest late last week.

According to the task force, on May 10th, 2024, they were assisted by Pacific County Sheriff’s Office’s Deputies Rafael Macintosh and Lucas Marthaller in the arrest of an Ocean Park man for possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver.

According to a release, the individual’s vehicle was searched, pursuant to a search warrant. Within the vehicle, officials noted they found over half a pound of suspected methamphetamine, approximately one hundred pills of suspected fentanyl, and a digital scale. 

The suspected controlled substances were in multiple packages, according to police, which indicated to law enforcemtnt that these suspected controlled substances were intended to be sold.

This investigation is still ongoing, and all suspects are innocent until proven guilty. 

The Pacific County Drug Task Force is made up of Law Enforcement Officers from the Pacific County Sheriff’s Office, Raymond Police Department, Long Beach Police Department, and South Bend Police Department. 

The PCDTF can be contacted at [email protected], 360-642-9300 ext. 2847, and through privately messaging them on Facebook at Pacific County Drug Task Force (sources may remain confidential).