A woman was severely injured after she was hit by a truck while walking in South Aberdeen.

The Aberdeen Police Department tells KXRO that a pedestrian, a 45-year old Aberdeen woman, was hit just before 8:50 p.m. Friday night in the 100 block of the N. West Blvd.  

They say she was walking across the street from the west side, going to a nearby grocery, when she was struck in the right northbound lane by a 2005 Ford F-150.

The 20-year old Aberdeen woman driving the pickup was following a vehicle driven by her boyfriend.  

According to police, the pedestrian was wearing all dark clothing, and visibility was reduced due to rain and limited street lighting.  

Neither the driver nor her boyfriend reported seeing the pedestrian, who crossed the street between them.  

Police say the driver reported not knowing she hit someone, and said she believed she might have been experiencing an equipment issue.  

She continued home and discovered damage, and returned to the area where she began experiencing the noise.  

She found police and fire personnel tending to the pedestrian, who was rushed to Grays Harbor Community Hospital for emergency treatment.  

Aberdeen Police say the driver is cooperating with the investigation, and drugs or alcohol do not appear to be a contributing factor.  

The roadway was closed until just before midnight and the investigation is continuing.