Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Police report that while patrolling the Ocean Shores Beach, Officer Becker spotted a truck doing donuts on the beach over razor clams beds as well as in the surf.

They say that six people were in the vehicle, two adults and four children.

When Officer Becker asked for an ID, he says the driver gave him a driver’s license that had the name “SKIPPY”.

After checking the woman’s license to make sure she would be able to legally drive the vehicle off the beach it was found she was a protected person in a domestic violence no–contact order.

Officer Becker reports that he did not feel comfortable letting either of the adults go until he could confirm the man’s identity, and after calling for additional units he was able to make a positive match between the man and the person involved in the no-contact order against the woman by using physicals, tattoos and Department of Licensing photographs.

It was found that “SKIPPY” had multiple felony warrants in two states and 14 pending felony charges in Washington, including assault 2nd, Forgery, money laundering, theft 1st, trafficking in stolen property and bail jumping, as well as having high violent tendencies.

“SKIPPY” was booked into the Grays Harbor County jail on the felony warrants and the violation of the domestic violence no-contact order.