WA Fish & Wildlife Commission meeting Oct. 26-28

The Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission will meet Oct. 26 – 28 to hold Committee meetings, make decisions, and hear briefings on a variety of fish and wildlife topics. 

The meeting will be held at the Natural Resources Building in Olympia and will also be live streamed online.

The meeting begins Thursday, Oct. 26 with meetings of the Commission’s Big Tent, Habitat, Fish, and Wildlife committees. Committee meeting agenda items include discussions about the Draft Conservation Policy, Best Available Science Policy, fisheries season planning, and hunting season setting.

On Friday, the Commission meeting kicks off with open public input and a report from the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) director. 

Next, the Commission will consider a proposed 530-acre land transaction at Chapman Lake in Spokane County that would provide public access and recreation. 

The Commission will also hear briefings and hold public hearings about fish passage and screen rule making and about black bear timber damage rule making, followed by a decision on coastal crab and Puget Sound shellfish rule making. 

To close Friday, the Commission will decide on a public petition about statewide protection of wild steelhead, decide whether to implement a Co-manager Hatchery Policy, and hear a briefing and public comment about a North of Falcon Policy.

Saturday begins with public input followed by a briefing about how WDFW conducts science to answer management-driven questions. 

The Commission will then hear a briefing and hold a public hearing on the Periodic Status Review and classification recommendation for the western gray squirrel. 

The Commission will issue a decision on a public petition about regulating the state’s management of gray wolves.

The meeting will be recorded and published on the Commission webpage so the public can watch afterward at their convenience.