-Originally Posted January 17, 2019-

Over 150 UFO sightings were made in Washington last year, including 3 in Grays Harbor and 1 in Pacific County.

In the latest updates from the National UFO Reporting Center, they added hundreds of unidentified flying object sightings across the nation since the start of 2019.

The center says their goal is “Dedicated to the Collection and Dissemination of Objective UFO Data” and says;

Obvious hoaxes have been omitted, however most reports have been posted exactly as received in the author’s own words.”

There were 157 reports made in Washington for 2018, a decrease from 199 in 2017.

Washington ranks as 3rd in the total number of sightings by state with 5853 total reports, behind only California (1) and Florida (2).

In their full list of reports, KXRO found over 80 reports have been made within Grays Harbor and Pacific County since 1980.

The most recent report was on October 10 when someone was with their fiancée at Friend’s Landing and saw a “yellowish orange light” that was moving around,before flying toward them.

Other reports include a person who was visited by “at least five alien men in 1985” as they were staying at a rented summer cabin in Copalis Beach as well as a report from 2012 that had “UFO Fireballs” seen in Hoquiam that were allegedly also seen by Hoquiam Police Department officers.

The center says that they receive a “high volume” of prank calls into their hotline, “typically dozens per day” and they say that they suspect that they encounter the same problem for written reports and they attempt to detect and eliminate any prank reports.  

They caution anyone visiting the website to be on the alert for reports that may not seem entirely authentic, including reports from people who do not leave contact information, although they say there are many reports that “ deserve a reader’s attention” so these anonymous reports are “not necessarily unreliable”.

The National UFO Reporting Center is located in Eastern Washington inside a decommissioned U. S. Air Force missile base between Davenport and Harrington in Lincoln County.

For a complete list of Washington UFO reports, visit http://www.nuforc.org/webreports/ndxlWA.html

To report a UFO, you can file your encounter online or you can call the Center Hotline at 206-722-3000 if the sighting occurred within the last week.


Local reports transcribed from NUFORC

Date Time City State Shape Duration
10/10/18 21:00 Montesano WA Light 20+ minutes
Light anomaly over Montesano, WA, Grays Harbor County.
9/18/18 20:52 Aberdeen WA Light 3 minutes
Bright light slightly reddish in color in the obstructed view I had of night sky. Evidence suggest it was waiting and watching me.
8/21/18 21:03 Long Beach WA Unknown 30 seconds
Additonal witness to Peter Davenport report of ufo from Long Beach, Wa.
8/20/18 22:00 Quinault WA Circle 30 minutes
What appeared to be the moon rising over a mountain ridge, but the orb descended both times, never coming completely over the ridge.
7/5/18 22:45 Rochester WA Light 15 minutes
Orb of yellowish light that turned blueish green. Disappeared and reappeared 3 times in night sky. ((anonymous report))
8/28/2017 Copalis WA
Location spherical blue orb emitting sparkly blue laser beams of a deep blue color. hovering alt. approx. 500 to below 100 ft.
10/11/16 13:35 Ocean Shores WA Circle 90 seconds
Saw a large white ball with tail made it look like Star Ship Enterprise clear sky.
9/27/16 21:21 Hoquiam WA Circle 10 minutes
A very bright light in the sky which I first assumed to be a star. Stayed stationary for along time, then moved rapidly to the west.
9/10/16 12:00 Elma WA Rectangle 3-5 seconds
Fast moving, bright shimmering rectangular object near Elma WA in daylight
8/19/16 22:45 Aberdeen Gardens WA Unknown 15 minutes
We watched 4 ufo’s flying around then hover changing colors from white to red. One went down as if shot down.
8/11/16 22:00 Oysterville WA Light 5 minutes
Ball of light spotted over Oysterville, Washington
5/11/16 22:00 Grayland WA Light 10 minutes
Red/Orange light over the Grayland/South Beach area of Grays Harbor County, Washington.
1/22/16 19:00 Hoquiam WA Fireball 15 minutes
7 fireball UFO crafts pass over Hoquiam.
12/30/15 19:10 Ocean Shores WA Other 30 seconds
Extremely high rate of speed fuzzy large red ball.
7/28/15 23:00 Aberdeen WA Rectangle 12 minutes
I noticed unusual lights coming from down the hill, over the Wishkah River, about half a mile away from the house.
2/21/15 20:05 Raymond WA Changing 3 minutes
Three bright orange circular shapes that formed into three triangle shapes.
2/15/15 20:00 Raymond WA Triangle 1 minute
Red-orange pyramid moving at constant speed, Willapa Bay
1/26/15 1:10 Aberdeen WA Light 50+ minutes
I saw a light above the tree line to the W, it was flashing blue, white, green, and a bit of red. ((NUFORC Note: Twinkling star? PD))
1/7/15 17:45 Westport WA Triangle 30 seconds
Triangular light formation traveling east
11/18/14 20:00 Cosmopolis WA Triangle 3-4 minutes
I went outside and saw three triangular shapes flying by.
8/29/14 22:15 Satsop WA Light 5 seconds
It was neon bright and moved faster than anything I have ever seen!
7/30/14 23:30 Quinault WA Light 1 minutes
Military jet chasing orbs
6/22/14 13:54 Aberdeen WA Sphere 1 minutes
Either military or alien nature.
2/28/14 9:35 Ocean Shores WA Light ~10 seconds
Bright light moving upwards between Serius and Orions Belt.
2/2/14 20:00 Aberdeen WA Cross 5 minutes
Four red crosses/X’s flying east to west @ unknown altitude and speed
9/18/13 17:42 Rochester WA Circle 20 minutes
Singular light seen low in evening sky near Rochester, WA. ((NUFORC Note: Venus?? PD))
8/24/13 23:00 Ilwaco WA Fireball
Orange fireball.
8/19/13 21:02 Rochester WA Circle 2 minutes
Observed object hovering at low altitude, spinning,and changing colors. in S.W. evening sky.
8/14/13 0:30 Rochester WA Flash 2 minutes
Flashes of light during meteor shower
8/12/13 21:15 Rochester WA Circle 10 minutes
Viewed on different evenings, overhead, and on the western horizon,originally thought it was a star or airplane headlight.
4/24/13 2:45 Rochester WA Light 20 seconds
Silent craft moving across the sky
12/16/12 4:00 Long Beach WA Fireball 10 minutes
Reddish orange ovalish objects. silent. moving up fro behind a big church and then moving north west.
11/10/12 1:00 Hoquiam WA Flash 12-15 minutes
Three huge brillant flashes of light way out past the horizon on the Pacific Ocean
10/10/12 21:00 Rochester WA Light 10 minutes
Fleet of red UFO’s emerging from Mt. Rainier.
8/7/12 5:40 Ocean Shores WA Light 15 seconds
Bright light with red and green lights underneath hovered in sky. I thought it a strange spotlight for a copter or plane? Then I though
7/4/12 22:30 Ocean Park WA Sphere 3 minutes
6 orange fireballs travel slowly across the southwestern WA night sky.
6/30/12 22:10 Ocean Park WA Sphere 2 minutes
Bright red light observed over Southwest Washington coast by 2 people
6/24/12 10:24 Hoquiam WA Fireball 10 minutes
UFO Fireballs seen in Hoquiam Washington by local and Police department
5/13/12 8:00 Olympic National Park (Olympic Mountain Range) WA Oval Click of the picture
Snape dobject on or above Olympic mountain range.
4/24/12 2:45 Rochester WA Sphere 20 seconds
Silent craft moving across the sky
1/14/11 23:00 South Bend WA Sphere 1 hour
three Sphere like objects came from over a hill towards the water.
1/3/11 22:00 Hoquiam WA Light one minute
red/orange light zig zagging east to west
12/14/10 15:00 Kalaloch area (Burl forest) WA Disk 2 minutes
Disc flying in the Burl Forest area on 101
7/4/10 23:00 Taholah WA Fireball 4 or 5 minutes
I know what I saw.
3/6/10 20:00 Rochester WA Triangle 6 minutes
triangular shape with lights, several other much smaller craft darting erratically in area
7/15/09 23:00 South Bend WA Rectangle seconds
Rectangular pattern appears and disappears after bright flash
2/2/09 19:12 Hoquiam WA Triangle 20 minutes
At one point I could see underneath the object clearly and it appeared to be very large, gray or silver with a completely flat bottom a
3/11/08 1:00 Hoquiam WA Disk 45-60seconds
I was sitting at my kitchen table at around 1:00am pacific time ..and heard what sound like crackling electricity…as I was going to go
4/14/07 21:00 Elma WA Circle 23:00
A large bright light that would blackout and then become bright along with 2 smaller ones Orange in color moving all around.
3/5/07 17:00 Hoquiam WA Light 1 minute
Large round light didn’t move, grew larger, changed shape and color, then blinked out.
7/12/06 23:00 Hoquiam WA Triangle 1 minute
White lights to form a triangular shape with two red lights in the center floating low over a city block.
5/11/06 12:00 Long Beach WA Sphere 30-45 seconds
Fast-moving glowing, gyrating shpere.
8/22/2005 Aberdeen WA Unknown unknown
Stumbled upon a UFO
1/1/05 3:00 Ocean Shores WA Flash 4hrs
thier were ligth flashing ,moving in all diff. dications,they made diff pattten,they were there untill the sun came up.they were all in
8/21/04 8:30 Long Beach WA Light 10 minutes
At Long Beach WA peninsula, on the beach, looking out over the ocean — bright white/yellow circular light moving at high speed right a
8/20/04 20:45 Long Beach WA Light 15 minutes
We saw a bright yellow light on the ocean moving very quickly north; it faded and then reappeared moving south.
6/18/04 17:00 Montesano WA Changing About Two Minutes
UFO Filmed Over Washington State.
3/13/04 20:15 McCleary WA Circle 15 minutes
Bright light spotted over Black Hills. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Venus. PD))
10/15/03 20:30 Aberdeen WA Disk 15 sec
Dark colored semi-disked shaped craft flew over Aberdeen Wa
8/4/03 22:15 Washington State coastline WA Light 2 min.
3 bright red lights flying in triangle formation for 2 minutes outside 767 airplane 30 minutes before landing
2/24/03 11:30 Olympic Mountains WA Disk 10 seconds
Airliner paced by small disc over Olympic Mountains.
8/28/02 23:30 Elma WA Unknown 1 hour
this is weird!!
8/12/02 2:29 Rochester WA Other 2 minutes
Slow moving “light” in triangular formation, traveling east to northeasterly direction, holding same pattern .2 lights fore/1 aft
6/25/02 23:30 Aberdeen WA Circle 15seconds
10/29/01 22:00 Aberdeen WA Fireball 2minutes
well this the first time to this site but after seeing the reports of the same sighting i need to report this. at about 10pm i was doi
6/3/01 23:43 Rochester WA Light 4 seconds
Extremely fast blue/green light
10/29/00 17:25 Aberdeen WA Fireball 15 secs.
Descending, burning green object seen over the ocean from Aberdeen, WA
5/1/00 20:00 Hwy 12 (Blockhouse Road) WA Light 5min
THIS IS AN ACCOUNT OF “BLINDING WHITE LIGHTS” THe beginning was in SACRAMENTO CALIF.I was in the process of moving from SACRAMENTO TO
3/6/00 4:30 Ocean Shores WA Triangle 2 minutes
Saw three objects flying in triangular formation over the Ocean, OR it was one large craft. Monday, March 6th, 4:30am
10/20/99 22:30 Montesano WA Fireball 5 – 10 sec
streaking fireball appeared and then disappeared and then reppeared. low angle of trajectory and very bright.
9/30/99 21:00 Aberdeen WA Triangle 5 minutes
UFO seen – Giant, seven lights, slow, low, very loud low pitch roar, traveled over town.
9/30/99 21:00 Montesano WA Triangle 2 Minutes
Large, loud Trangular Object, lighted below
8/26/99 15:00 Olympic National Park (Coast of Pacific Ocean) WA Disk 1 to 2 min.s (?)
Swimming is surf.Two boys saw first.Yelled and pointed:”WHAT IS THAT!!!” I saw it.Close over bank.Bright silver.Up FAST!Angle.Tracked!
8/2/99 23:30 Westport WA Light 1:30
A very bight light entering the atmosphere. Turned to level flight then it traveled at level flight to a point in the sky and stopped.
7/6/99 11:15 Rochester (3 miles east of, Hwy 12 W) WA Egg 10 secs
I was driving east on hwy 12, there were a few light clouds in the sky, I saw an ovoid shaped object at about 5-7000 ft. If I extended
7/5/99 23:00 East Hoquiam WA Unknown 10 minutes
I and my girlfriend saw very bright white light appear,hover,disappear quickly without sound.Few minutes later same thing happened,same
5/29/99 21:00 Westport WA Sphere 1 hour
5/29/99 20:30 Olympic Mountains (from Hurricane Ridge; Port Angeles) WA Disk seconds
This “sighting” was only discovered when photographs taken that evening were developed. I believe, though I can’t be certain, that the
10/4/98 4:42 Aberdeen WA Fireball 05-10 seconds
Descending fiery object exploded and lit up whole sky momentarily like transformer explosion at high altitude
8/20/98 22:30 Illwaco WA Light 3 minutes
Small white light grows to be huge, then shrinks and zips off into space and disappears.
2/9/98 21:10 Grayland WA light 20-30 min.
bright lights moving from south to north in western sky, in & out of clouds along coast line
6/1/97 3:30 Elma WA Disk
It was saucer shaped, a dome with a ring around it which rotated, windows in the dome, white like bright light, flying low.
1/3/97 3:00 Long Beach (in); and again in Seattle WA Light 15minutes
I awoke in a to a ball of white light in my hotel room in Long Beach, the object came towards me and I ran into the bathroom. The next
11/25/95 0:42 Wishkah River WA
Experienced MUFON investigator/law officer relays rpt that woman, son witnessed bizarre bright light, green beam near home.
9/1/95 2:00 Ocean Shores WA Triangle 5 minutes
Black triangular craft vibrates me out of sleep, blocks out sky. Verified next day by independant witness.
7/1/95 22:30 Ocean Shores WA 5 min.
Group of 9 watch bright white light hover, maneuver rapidly, above Pacific Ocean. Obj. moved rapidly; descended to ocean.
3/29/95 20:15 Elma WA
Police detective/MUFON investigator repts. alleged sighting by multiple witnesses. Begins investigation. (Star later confirmed)
2/7/95 23:25 Raymond WA
Woman witnesses object. (Facts unclear.)
6/30/93 8:00 Matlock WA Sphere 10 seconds
I am not posting an official report. I am curious as to why I never heard any report of this sighting on any media, or from any other.
6/1/93 23:00 Ocean Shores WA Diamond 5 minutes
UFO observation. Preface: My Father was a career aeronautical engineer, specializing in the design of aircraft power plants, having
9/20/90 21:30 Hoquiam WA Fireball 3 min.
driving home from ocean city,to hoquiam. my at the girlfriend and I noticed two orange “fireballs” hovering over Bowerman Basin.The big
7/19/85 22:30 Copalis Beach WA Disk 1.5 hrs
I was visited by at least five alien men in 1985
6/15/81 22:00 Aberdeen WA Cylinder 1 hour
Cylindrical craft crashes near Aberdeen WA
6/1/80 7:22 Rochester WA Other not sure
This was seen in 1979 or 1980. Its been a long time ago. I have just recently been able to talk about it. It was a huge Boomerang craft
6/30/64 14:00 Hoquiam WA Other 5 minutes?
I was about five or six years old, I was on my way down a primitive road to play baseball with the rest of the kids, out in the field t