The Timberland Regional Library is asking local residents to make comments on the second draft of Timberland Regional Library’s vision, mission, values, and focus areas. 

The Strategic Planning Committee refined the original concepts using the community and staff feedback was gathered from Community Check-ins held in each county, as well as the TRL Staff and Community surveys.

The survey asks participants if they feel that the local library system is correct in their defined goals as an organization.

  • Vision: Our Communities Connected
    • County and counties, rural and urban communities, people and their interests, job-seekers and employers, people and books.
  • Mission: Connecting people, places, and things*
    • *Books, birding backpacks, meeting spaces, bus passes, computer help, events and programs, legal and tax forms, soft chairs, printers, movies, charging portals, friendly faces, live music, and much more! #whatsyourasterisk
  • We Value:
    • Access for all.
    • Working together.
    • Diverse communities and ideas.
    • Responsible use of public resources.
  • We Will Focus On:
    • Equity, diversity, and inclusion.
      • Accessibility for those with disabilities.
      • Collaborating with our diverse communities and organizations.
      • Reflecting underrepresented groups in our collections, staff, and services.
    • Local communities.
      • Celebrating local culture.
      • Providing services for all district residents.
      • Partnering with local agencies and organizations.
    • Children, teens, and young adults.
      • Providing appealing spaces and engaging experiences.
      • Reaching out to find out what they need and providing for those needs.
      • Empowering them to build relationships with the library and within their communities.
In addition to this survey, there will be 5 more Community Check-ins (one in each county) to review the committee’s work.

All of the input gathered will be shared at the next Strategic Planning Committee on October 3rd.


Strategic Direction Community Survey