Summit Pacific Medical Center partners with private ambulance service

Summit Pacific Medical Center has partnered with a private ambulance service for transport between other medical facilities.

In a release from the hospital district, they say that this change is to address patients at their emergency department who are treated at the hospital, but need to be transported to a regional hospital for a higher level of care where critical services are available. 

“We want to provide the best possible care to our patients. Because of our size, part of our job is to decide if we can meet a patient’s needs, and if not, then where can the patient receive the care they need, and how can we get the patient there quickly,” said Summit Pacific’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Ken Dietrich.

In a partnership with Olympic Ambulance, Summit Pacific to provide patients with ambulance transports.

Olympic Ambulance serves Thurston, Mason, Kitsap, Clallam and now Grays Harbor, offering both advanced life support (ALS) services and basic life support (BLS) services. The type of transport service is determined by the needs of the patient.

The hospital district says taht the partnership comes after challenges with transportation delays locally and across the state.

“This interfacility transportation component is critical to a successful outcome for our patients and timely transportation for those acutely ill patients is essential,” said Hospital Commissioner and Board Chair, Andrew Hooper.

“Establishing a partnership with Olympic Ambulance means we’re going to be able to get our patients to the right hospital, with the right providers to care for them, as quickly as possible. They’re experienced and we’re confident in handing over our patients to them. They’re really going to add to the health and the safety of our community,” said Dr. Dietrich.

Summit Pacific, in partnership with Olympic Ambulance, have created a video explaining the new partnership and what it means for patients.