Stevens Elementary could see funding request on February ballot

The Aberdeen School Board is considering putting a vote on the ballot to build a new Stevens Elementary School.

The February election could see Aberdeen voters being asked to approve a bond to fund the new school in South Aberdeen, as well a vote to continue a levy already in place.

The school district issued a release saying that they are one step closer to asking voters for the authority to build a new Stevens Elementary after the board met earlier this month and directed Superintendent Alicia Henderson to continue work to find the costs and other factors related to construction of a new school at their current location. 

In their release, they say that Superintendent Henderson reconvened the Stevens Task Force as an advisory group and tasked them with developing a relocation plan for Stevens students during the year the school is being built.

In June of 2018, the School Board plans involved moving the school onto two baseball fields at Pioneer Park, next to the current school.

Other proposed plans involved moving the school near the Grays Harbor College.

All plans involve the building including a “vertical evacuation” platform thanks to a FEMA grant that will serve to protect Stevens Elementary and Miller Junior High students in the event of a tsunami.

In addition, the board says that they are looking at a proposal that would also ask voters in February to continue the levy at the current rate of $2.50 per $1,000 of assessed valuation. 

The Board will continue their discussion on the proposed measures before a formal recommendation is presented at their October 15 meeting.