Originally posted May 24, 2016

Hoquiam Police have blocked off Simpson Avenue and the area surrounding 27th Street following shots fired into a vehicle this morning around 6am.

Witnesses saw the suspect walk into a home near Simpson and 27th. It is believed that there are 2 people inside, including the 41 year old man and his 70 year old mother.

A perimeter wasestablished and local police and the CRU unit were called to assist as a search warrant was issued.

Some nearby homes have been evacuated.

Following the search warrant, the regional CRU team used their MRAP vehicle to get close to the home in order to communicate with the man. There were reports that the man may be a heavy drinker and was unaware of the police presence.



Deputy Chief Don Wertanen tells KXRO how it started.



Residents are advised to avoid the area.

This is a developing story and this post will be updated as we learn more from Daniel Hargrove on scene.

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