Stafford Creek Corrections Center under limited COVID-19 outbreak

Stafford Creek Corrections Center have reported nearly 30 new COVID-19 cases within the past few days.

In the latest COVID-19 Bulletin on January 10, 2022, WA State Corrections showed 28 cases of COVID cases in their H5 Unit within the last 30 days.

As of January 6 the Aberdeen facility had only 1 case reported.

Since the start of the pandemic, Stafford Creek has seen 1,272 confirmed cases and 5 deaths among inmates, as well as 211 cases and 3 deaths among staff attributed to COVID-19.

In the bulletin it states that the Washington State Department of Corrections’ (DOC) Prisons and Work Release facilities are currently mirroring the current increase of COVID-19 cases across the state with 15 facilities currently on outbreak status.On January 2, Stafford Creek announced that the H5 Unit was on a Limited Area Outbreak and limited visits. On January 7 they closed off all visitation throughout the facility.

In addition to the local cases, the Olympic Corrections Center in Forks is showing 83 new cases within the last 30 days in what is being characterized as a “Facility-Wide Outbreak”.

DOC says that their priority is the health and safety of staff and everyone in its care and custody, and they have taken measures to mitigate the transmission of COVID-19.

“All previously warm closed units at prison facilities have been reopened to provide additional space for quarantine and medical isolation patients, and those who test positive for COVID-19. All patients receive regular checks from medical staff. DOC currently has three Regional Care Facilities (RCF) opened at Airway Heights Corrections Center, Washington Corrections Center and Washington Corrections Center for Women. RCF’s safely and comfortably house incarcerated individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19 and may require more comprehensive medical attention and physical isolation from healthy populations, but do not require hospitalization.”