“Sick” clinics set up for residents needing non-COVID related illnesses

Grays Harbor Community Hospital (GHCH) and Harbor Medical Group (HMG) have begun offering two special “sick” clinics at their East Campus location, 1006 North H St. in Aberdeen in the interest of the health and safety of our staff and patients.

According to the hospital, the clinics were set up with the intent to keep sick patients and healthy patients separated and minimize the potential for cross-contamination of illnesses such as COVID-19 and the Flu. 

In an attempt to minimize the spread of Coronavirus they have set up a pediatric clinic that will enter only through the entrance at North H St. and an adult clinic that will only enter through our G St. entrance.

Anyone in our community who wants to make an appointment because they are sick (cough, sneezing, cold, sore throat, running a temperature, etc.) can do so by calling toll-free to their Call Center at 1-866-537-2778.

The clinics will not be testing for COVID-19 at these clinics.

“If you arrive to the clinic and meet the criteria established by Grays Harbor Public Health, your test will be scheduled through our nursing triage system. Most tests will be administered in a drive-up manner with our team coming to your vehicle. However, we will also evaluate if you are sick enough to be admitted to the hospital for further evaluation and care.

As there will be a significantly reduced chance for cross contamination, these steps will help to create a safer environment for everyone in our community, especially those people who need to see their provider for check-ups and follow-ups, but who are not sick.”

This service is available whether you have previously established care with an HMG clinic or not. 

“If you  are sick, we will make you an appointment.” 

Appointments are being made from 1-5pm until volume can be measure.  If the volume is more than they have allotted for, they will adjust our resources and expand hours.

Access to East Campus will be limited to two entrances for patients. Health screenings will occur at both entrances prior to admittance to the facility. RehabVisions will be open through their regular entrance, however access to the facility beyond their offices will be blocked.

As of Tuesday the hospital began having health screeners posted at the Main and G St entrances to control patient and visitor flow. 

The following rules are in place regarding visitation to GHCH East Campus:

  • Patients who have altered mental status or developmental delays may have one person with them at their clinic visit
  • Minors under the age of 18 may have one parent or guardian with them at their clinic visit. If at all possible, no other siblings are present at these visits.
  • All other patients over the age 18 are to attend their visit independently.
  • All other unnecessary attendees will be asked to wait in the car.
  • Any symptomatic patient or support person arriving to the clinics will be asked to mask.

Those visiting the GHCH East Campus for another appointment should contact their provider for specific instructions on where to enter.

Patients of HarborCrest Behavior Health are asked to call 360-533-8500 to make arrangements for your appointment.

 “These steps are necessary to help us to fulfill our mission to heal, comfort, and serve our community with compassion.”