Seabrook Community Foundation announced grant funding

In the first quarter of 2019, the Seabrook Community Foundation says that they allocated over $57,000 in grants to local nonprofits.

In a release, foundation Board President, Helen Gilbert said , “We are pleased to begin 2019 by awarding funds to organizations that benefit the lives of so many in our local community!”

Grants were awarded to the following organizations:

  • Catholic Community Services: Feed the Hungry program has operated in Grays Harbor County since 1982, under the management of Catholic Community Services. The program provides a nutritious meal to men, women, families, veterans, people with disabilities, seniors, and the homeless; no one is turned away. In 2018, over 29,000 meals were provided in a safe and welcoming environment.
  • Downtown Aberdeen Sunday Farmers’ Market: As part of the Aberdeen Revitalization Movement, this new program, beginning May 19, 2019, aims to provide wholesome, local options for food, whether enjoyed at home or right there at the market. The market will also act as a community event and gathering space, featuring local musicians, artists and practitioners of wellness educational activities. This grant will help jump start this community effort.
  • Grays Harbor CERT: CERT is a federal program that prepares local communities for action immediately after a disaster should occur. The Department of Homeland Security provides the readiness and training curriculum; however, there are no federal funds available for implementation or training. Grays Harbor CERT is the organization with the task of preparedness training for all other CERTs and members of communities in Grays Harbor county. Funds from this grant will help procure supplies necessary for this training.
  • Grays Harbor Youth Works: Career Pathway Day: Taking place at Grays Harbor College, the Career Pathway Program provides is a day long program that brings approximately 220 Grays Harbor high school students per year to Grays Harbor College with the opportunity to engage in activities that will help prepare them for future education and jobs. This includes screening for industries that are interesting to the student, attending appropriate classes related to those industries, and meeting mentors for the Grays Harbor Youth Works internship program. This grant will help pay for transportation and other logistic expenses for these students.
  • Green Lantern Lunch: Summer Lunch Program: The Green Lantern Summer Lunch Program provides meals for North Beach students who receive free or reduced-price lunch at school during the summer months and holidays. This program is run 100% by volunteers who are responsible for procuring food and supplies, assembling thousands of bags of meals and delivering to each child’s location.
  • Ocean Shores Woof- a-Thon: This one-day Ocean Shores community festival raises funds and awareness for organizations that benefit 4 legged pals. Aside from being a fun event, the Woof-a-Thon donates all funds to local organizations that support these animals. Past recipients of these funds include West Coast Search Dogs of Washington, Harbor Rescue, and North Beach PAWS that provide funds to pay vet bills, provide supplies for homeless animals, service animals, and animals otherwise in distress. These funds will support the logistical expenses of the Woof-a-Thon.
  • PAWS of Grays Harbor: PAWS Grays Harbor is a no-kill shelter that protects dogs and cats until an adopting family is found. They serve the community through education for pet owners, providing shelter and find homes for homeless animals. This grant will help fund their project to add fencing for the dog play area, preventing expert fence jumpers from escaping.
  • Saint Mary School: In an effort to keep students and staff safe, St. Mary School has worked with consultants to develop a multi-phase approach to safety. This program starts with protocols and procedures regarding various situations that may occur during the school day. This grant provides funds to support their prioritized strategic goals: install an intercom system throughout the school, install exterior security camera and remote door lock systems, add fencing and lockable gates to the property, and install interior locking door knobs mandated by the State Fire Marshal for all classroom doors.

The Seabrook Community Foundation says that they appreciate all that these organizations do to make positive contributions towards helping those in need in Grays Harbor County.

Gilbert reminded residents that these grants are provided quarterly “to support the lives, health, safety, and welfare of the local population”.

The Seabrook Community Foundation accepts grant applications throughout the year and processes applications at their quarterly meetings. 

The deadline for second quarter grants and scholarships is Friday, May 10, 2019. The next meeting will be held on May 19, 2019.

You can download a grant application at: