Risk Reduction System to be installed in Hoquiam at Sumner/Riverside

To lessen accidents and unsafe driving from Sumner Ave onto Riverside, the Hoquiam City Council approved funding to mitigate traffic at the curve.

On their agenda Monday evening, the City Council received a report from City Administrator Brian Shay that the Washington Cities Insurance Authority had awarded the city a $20,000 risk reduction grant to install a “dynamic curve warning system” at the sharp curve where Sumner turns into Riverside, near the Grays Harbor Farmers Market.

This improvement had been suggested by the Washington State Department of Transportation in August and recommended by the Public Safety Committee in November.

Councilmember Steven Puvogel spoke about the reasoning behind the move.

The committee had made the recommendation to put a speed sign between 21st and 22nd streets on Sumner, in addition to reducing Sumner and Riverside driving lanes to 10 ft to slow traffic, reducing the Riverside turn lane to begin at 19th street, and adding signs turning onto Riverside.

Shay noted that the funding should be sufficient to make the initial changes.

The specific timing for the change was not discussed.


Hoquiam – Dynamic Curve System