Richard Brooks selected for Hoquiam City Council

The City of Hoquiam has chosen the local resident to fill the vacant seat on City Council.

Following the resignation of councilmember Tracey Ushman in December, the city sent out a request of letters of interest from residents within Ward 3 who would be interested in serving.

At the Monday meeting of the council, the two people who submitted letters spoke with the council about themselves and their interest in serving.

The applicants were Richard Brooks and Katherine “Kathe” Rowe.

Brooks, a transplant to Hoquiam, is a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner with Behavioral Counseling Associates and Army veteran, said that he was looking for a way to become more integrated into the area.

Rowe, a 4th generation Hoquiam resident, said that she is retired after a career as a Respiratory Therapist and has been involved in local theater for a number of years. After her career, she said that returning to Hoquiam seemed appropriate.

Rowe on Reason for Applying
Rowe added that her father had served on the city council in the 60’s/70’s.

Following their questions to the candidates, the council voted on who should fill the seat, eventually becoming deadlocked at 5-5 with an absent member at the meeting. 

Richard Brooks Kathe Rowe
Dave Hinchen X
Elizabeth Reid X
Paul McMillan X
Jim George X
Brenda Carlstrom X
Jamie Brand X
Steven Puvogel X
Al Dick X
John Pellegrini X
Bill Nelson X
Mayor Winkelman X

Mayor Winkelman broke the tie, selecting Brooks for the position stating that the new councilmember had been reaching out over the past month asking about the job and said he felt that Brooks really showed a lot of interest.

After the appointment, multiple members of the council expressed the hope that Rowe would seek to serve on a local committee and continue her interest in being involved.