Residents encouraged to check bank accounts after skimming device found at Central Park 7-11

The Grays Harbor Sheriff’s Office says that residents should be checking their bank accounts after a skimming device was found inside a gas pump at the Central Park 7-11. 

Skimming devices can be placed on gas pumps and ATMs by thieves who will then use the information to make fraudulent charges after collecting credit/debit card numbers. 

GHSO says that the skimming device was removed by store employees and turned over to law enforcement.  Based on the investigation it appears that the device may have been on the pump for some time.  

According to the Sheriff’s Office, they say that they were first made aware of the possible device on a gas pump on January 5, 2024, but the device was not discovered until January 19, 2024. 

Undersheriff Kevin Schrader said that the device was not a typical skimming device that is often placed over the credit card reader on the pump.  Instead, the device was installed inside of the gas pump allowing it to go undetected for some time. 

The Sheriff’s Office is continuing to investigate.  

When using a card at the pump, GHSO says that it is better to use a credit card rather than a debit card because generally credit cards offer better consumer protections against fraud, and they are not directly linked to your bank account. 

The Sheriff’s Office also suggests looking over the pump before inserting or swiping your credit or debit card.  

“Skimming devices are sometimes located on the outside of the pumps and are placed over the card reader.  In this case, the skimming device was located on the inside of the pump.  For this reason, it is good practice to look over the gas pump door and make sure the seam is secured by tamper-proof tape that is placed on the pump by the gas companies.  If this tape has been compromised or you believe a skimming device has been placed on the pump, please contact the store employees or law enforcement immediately.  “

If you believe you used the gas pumps at the Central Park 7-11 around the timeframe mentioned please check your accounts and contact the Grays Harbor Sheriff’s Office if you notice suspicious charges.  

The non-emergency dispatch number is 360-533-8765.