Remaining Levee Lumber items up for auction for limited time

Items and equipment left at Levee Lumber stores after their closure are now up for auction. posted 1860 items on their online auction site, featuring items ranging from; boxes of nails, thousands of gallons of pain, individual tools, shelving and displays, and heavy machinery. 

Buyers must register an account with the website to bid.

In July of 2018, Arrow Lumber & Hardware announced their purchase of the former Ocean Shores Levee Lumber. The remaining Hoquiam and Westport local stores closed earlier this year, along with Levee Feed & Pet that had moved into a separate location.

The items are from the Hoquiam and Westport lumber locations and range from $5 to thousands.

The auction went live on Monday morning and ends Tuesday, July 16 at 10am.

Items must be removed between July 17-19.

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