Public Works Board approves funding for Pre-Construction and Construction Loans; Westport included

Over $123 million in awards are going to local communities across the state, and Westport was among them.

At their August board meeting, the Washington State Public Works Board approved funding for their Traditional Programs Pre-Construction and Construction loans. 

These funds benefit local communities addressing infrastructure across six different systems: streets and roads, bridges, domestic water, stormwater, sanitary sewers, and solid waste and recycling.

Pre-Construction loans: In this category, jurisdictions submitted seven applications for a total request of $3,154,520. Six of the applications passed the minimum scoring threshold and were eligible for award. The Public Works Board approved full funding for all eligible applications for a total of $2,979,000.

Construction loans: In this category, jurisdictions submitted 68 applications for a total request of $252,201,253. Sixty-seven applications passed the minimum scoring threshold and were eligible for funding. The Public Works Board considered a rated and ranked list of applications, and approved eligible applications for funding until all available funds were exhausted. This enabled the Board to award 38 construction projects, for a total award of $120,533,659.

Locally, only Westport is among the rankings in either applications or approvals.

The City of Westport submitted a request for $1.6 million for upgrades for two of their sewer pump stations. According to the document, this request scored an 86 out of 100 for need, and the project will be receiving those funds.

Board Chair Kathryn A. Gardow stated that, “Approving funding for infrastructure projects all across the state is a great day for Washingtonians! The legislature authorized the Public Works Board to spend precious state dollars to build, improve and maintain our communities’ water, sewer, stormwater, roads, bridges, and solid waste systems, which are all so critical to our state’s economic health and the backbone to healthy, safe, and vibrant communities. We are excited to continue the ongoing work with our partner agencies and communities statewide to be a reliable funding and technical assistance source to maintain the health of our state’s infrastructure systems.”

The Public Works Board has already begun preparing a supplemental budget request for this legislative session. In it, they are requesting additional funding to offer a construction cycle next year.

For the ranked list of applicants, click Pre-Construction or Construction.