Proposed redistricting maps would change legislative coverage of Grays Harbor

The Washington State Redistricting Commission published four state legislative district map proposals on Tuesday, and each one would bring a number of changes to Grays Harbor.

Each of the four voting members of the Washington State Redistricting Commission (WSRC) published their proposed map for state legislative districts, adjusting the current districts to reflect the changes in population statewide and dispersing the lines to make them as equitable as possible. 

The public can access the proposed maps on the WSRC website ( and comment directly on specific areas of each proposed map. 

“The Commission looks forward to hearing the public’s feedback on these proposals,” said Commission Chair Sarah Augustine. “With the final deadline of November 15 looming for the Commission to finish its work, now is the time for residents of Washington to let us know what they like and/or don’t like in the proposals put forth today.”

Both the 24th and 19th Legislative Districts saw slower growth than other districts in the state since the last census, meaning that the lines would need to be redrawn to bring approximately 15,000 residents into LD 19 and almost 10,000 into LD 24.

Under the proposed plans, they differ on how lines would change if approved.

  • Commissioner Sims adjusted LD 24 to now include Aberdeen and Montesano, effectively making the district all cities in Grays Harbor north of US Highway 101. For LD 19, it would pull in Adna and other communities leading east to Interstate 5.
  • Commissioner Wakinshaw also added Aberdeen into LD 24, but also adjusted LD 19 to spread north to include Elma and McCleary.
  • Commissioner Fain made his adjustment to LD 24 by adding portions of Mason County into the peninsula district, and spreading LD 19 further east to reach Mt. St Helens.
  • Commissioner Graves proposal saw the most drastic changes to coastal districts. His plan would put Hoquiam and Ocean Shores into LD 19, spreading LD 24 to include all of East Grays Harbor while also spreading LD 19 east to I-5.

The Commission will hold a virtual public outreach meeting on Zoom on October 5 at 7 p.m. 

Those who wish to comment on the state legislative map proposals can sign up to testify at the meeting by visiting the “Public Outreach Meetings” page on the redistricting website and clicking the “Register for Public Comment” button.

You can watch the Commission’s meeting live on TVW or on their YouTube page.

The meeting will be broadcast in English, Spanish, and American Sign Language. If a member of the public requires interpretation in another language, they can request it upon registration.

The public will find several ways to comment in any language on the proposed maps at the Commission’s website on the “How to Participate” page.

Commissioners will see all comments made regardless of the method of comment or language used. All map submissions, comments on proposed maps, and comments sent using the various methods available on our website are subject to public disclosure under the Washington State Public Records Act.

The Commissioners will release their proposals for congressional districts on Tuesday, September 28.