Nearly $900,000 will be coming to local projects out of the .09 Economic Development Fund.

The Grays Harbor County Commissioners on Monday approved 2020 funding for four projects following a recommendation from the Economic Development Advisory Committee.

In their recommendation, the committee said that it met on August 14 to discuss and evaluate seven applications that had been submitted for possible funding. 

Out of those, three projects were removed for various reasons, including not meeting criteria.

Commissioner Raines said that the projects may be valid, but the funding is specific.

The Grays Harbor County Commissioners approved funding for; 

  • Greater Grays Harbor Inc. $ 97,000
  • Grays Harbor Co. Pacific Beach $400,000/10 yrs
  • City of Aberdeen, Fry Creek $300,000 ($100,000 less than ask)
  • Grays Harbor Co. Keys Road $400,000 ($100,000 less than ask)

Applications Submitted

  • City of Aberdeen – Fry Creek Pump Station Complex
  • Grays Harbor County – Pacific Beach Booster Station/Reservoir
  • Grays Harbor County – Keys Road Flood Protection/Lower Satsop
  • Greater Grays Harbor – Personnel Funding Request
  • City of Montesano – Clinic Building and Site Work
  • City of Ocean Shores – Coastal Tourism Intern
  • Port of Grays Harbor – Plastics to Fuel Feasibility Study

Commissioner Wes Cormier said that he approved some of the projects, but voiced opposition to the way the projects were selected.

In their meeting, the commissioners heard comment from Montesano Mayor Vini Samuel who had a request to have $50,000 for work to develop a medical clinic within the town. 

That request was not approved on Monday, although the commissioners said that additional options may be available.