Pac. Co. Sheriff’s Deputy suffers dog bites; dog not blamed as being aggressive

A Pacific County Sheriff’s Deputy was injured recently following an encounter with a dog.

According to the sheriff’s office, on Sunday afternoon, Deputy Alex Bennett sustained injuries to his arms and hands after being bitten by a large breed of Pyrenees dog. 

A report states that the incident occurred on Sandridge Road when Deputy Bennett responded to a report of the dog running in a horse pasture and chasing horses. 

One horse had reportedly broken through a fence and fled the area.

As Deputy Bennett was trying to attach a leash to the dog to return it to its owner, the animal reportedly became defensive and bit him, causing several lacerations and puncture wounds. 

The deputy was taken to Ocean Beach Hospital for treatment.

The sheriff’s office adds that after speaking with Deputy Bennett and the dog’s owner, it was determined that the dog did not appear to be attacking out of aggression. 

The Pyrenees dog was said to be a one-year-old male, recently adopted from the Humane Society and not yet fully bonded with its new family. 

“The unfamiliar environment likely caused the dog to feel fear, resulting in the bite.”

Deputy Bennett is recovering and is said to be in good spirits.