Elma, WA – An algae bloom has been found at the Vance Creek Ponds.

Grays Harbor County Environmental Health officials have issued a caution advisory after algae was found in Elma.

According to a release, residents are asked to avoid areas of the ponds with the algae after the presence of the cyanobacteria bloom was found Monday in Pond#2.

The pond, also known as Lake Inez, is the only water feature at the ponds impacted at this time. Officials say that Bowers Lake is not currently affected.

The release asks residents to avoid the algae entirely.

“When you see algae, don’t swim, wade, paddleboard, or fish.  Keep in mind as wind direction changes, the algae could move elsewhere in the lake.  

When in doubt, stay out.”

Warning signs will warn anyone approaching the pond.  

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Warning Sign

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