“No Significant Impact” for Wynoochee Restoration and Road Management Project

The U.S. Forest Service has announced that they have issued a final decision notice and finding of no significant impact for the Wynoochee Restoration and Road Management Project. 

According to a letter sent to KXRO, the Forest Service says that the project continues their “commitment to forest management and supporting local communities” and “meets project goals of developing late successional and old-growth forest habitat, improving water quality, and managing the road system in a way that balances existing and expected needs with funding levels.”

Multiple alternative options were considered prior to the final decision. 

In the original project proposal it states that the project was initiated as part of a need to improve the Wynoochee River watershed “through old growth forest development, road management, recreational site adjustments, and restoration of riparian and aquatic resources.”

When implemented, the project would include;

  • thinning of about 5,000 acres of forestland, 
  • adding or reintroducing approximately 12 miles of temporary road
  • closing, decommissioning, or downgrading maintenance on over 100 miles of roads currently in place
  • working to restore aquatic areas
  •  adjusting trails within the region, and a number of other projects

Following this decision, a range of activities can begin immediately and will occur over the next several years. Timing will depend on the availability of funds and staffing. 

Project documents, maps and other information can be found on the project website at: https://www.fs.usda.gov/project/?project=53124, or made available via hardcopy upon request. 

Public comments submitted during scoping and the 30-day comment period are available for review online in the ‘Public Comment/Objection Reading Room’ link on the right-hand side menu of the project webpage.