Multiple search rescues reported in 5 minute span on Sunday

Multiple surf rescues were reported on Sunday in Ocean Shores within minutes, at separate beach locations.

According to the Ocean Shores Police Department, both calls occurred between 4-4:05 pm.

The Ocean Shores Fire Department called the multiple calls “a nightmare scenario”.

Between both incidents, there were a reported four adults and two children in distress. 

“This is a sobering reminder of the power and danger of our beautiful landscape. We are very much relieved not to be reporting any casualties from what should be a fun day at the beach.” said OSFD

In a report, the first call came in and OSPD and OSFD units were dispatched to the beach south of the Marine View Drive beach access for a report of two adults, a man and woman in their 30’s, stuck in a riptide, unable to get to shore.  

Responding units were informed while en route that the woman had made it back to shore, but the man was still in distress.

Prior to arriving on scene to that call, a second surf rescue incident was reported on the beach north of the Chance a la Mer beach approach involving four people in trouble in the water.  

Units split their response between the calls.

Bystanders were able to assist the man get to shore at the Marine Drive call, and the man reported he was in good condition and did not need further assistance.

At the Chance a la Mer call, a Washington State Parks ranger was first to arrive and assisted the people get to shore as an OSPD officer arrived.   

All four, a father, his two children, ages 13 and 15, and his 26-year-old nephew, were attended to at the scene by OSFD medics.  

The father said that the four had been playing in shin-deep water when they were struck and knocked down by a large wave and pulled out into the surf.

OSFD added, “Everyone who enjoys our waterfronts should be aware of the risks, including cold water, rip currents and rapidly changing conditions.

We do NOT have surf rescue or lifeguards in our city. You are your first and best lifeguard by understanding the conditions and your own abilities and those of the people around you.”