Following the first results of the February Special Election, a new Elma stadium, a replacement Stevens Elementary, and improvements to the Rochester school are not passing, but the majority of other measures are moving forward.

A total of 13858 ballots were counted as of Tuesday, showing a 31.14% turnout county wide.

New funding measures within the county require a 60% supermajority to pass, while replacement funding needed a simple majority in order to be approved. 

The proposition to construct a new stadium for Elma sports is failing for the fifth time. On Tuesday the results showed a 56.80% approval, short of the 60% requirement needed.

In Aberdeen, a request to bring $46.8 million in bonds to build a new Stevens Elementary school in South Aberdeen is currently failing with  a 58.42% approval.

Over $57 million in funding for the Rochester school district to perform improvements to the school is failing with a 54.46% approval.

Elsewhere in the county, most districts are currently passing their proposals.

  • Aberdeen residents are voting against funds to bring a new Stevens Elementary school, although they did vote for a replacement levy with 60.23% voting yes.
  • Cosmopolis will see funds continue to replace their expiring levy. 59.91% are voting in favor at this time.
  • Although their stadium proposal is falling behind, the Elma replacement levy has 63.49% voting for passage. 
  • Funds to replace the expiring Hoquiam levy look to be coming, as Hoquiam residents are voting a 64.13% approval toward the measure.
  • In Mary M. Knight, the school district is failing to receive 60% majority for an enrichment levy, sitting at 51.30% approval.
  • Montesano students will continue to have a levy for programs, as 59.46% are passing their levy replacement.
  • The North Beach School District has 59.09% of residents voting for a replacement levy.
  • The Oakville school district is showing approval to renovate the school for a price tag not to exceed $5,600,000 has a 63.64% approval, although 66.10% are in favor of a replacement levy.
  • The Ocosta replacement levy has a 57.35% yes vote, currently allowing that funding to continue.
  • Quinault students are getting a levy for educational programs with 71.02% in favor of the funding.
  • While the Rochester bond is failing in multi-county results, their replacement levy is receiving 57.69% approval.
  • In Satsop, a replacement levy saw the largest levy yes vote numbers, with 82.26% in favor of the funding.
  • A Taholah levy is showing 80.77% yes votes for their levy.
  • Wishkah students are seeing 63.52% in favor of their replacement levy and 62.30% approving a technology and telecommunications projects levy.
  • The Fire District #4 EMS levy is receiving an 86.30% approval

The only replacement levy not getting approval at this time is the McCleary proposition for a replacement levy. This measure is failing by 4 votes, showing 250 votes for and 253 against, a difference of less than 1%.

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