Meeting regarding upcoming HIV curriculum at Aberdeen schools; parents must attend to opt students out

The Aberdeen School District recently sent a letter to parents and legal guardians regarding an upcoming meeting on curriculum related to HIV being implemented within schools.

The district sent the letter signed by Traci Sandstrom, Director of the Department of Teaching and Learning, to outline what it would take to excuse children from the curriculum.

According to the letter, in 1988 the Washington Legislature “mandated that a program of prevention education be presented yearly to students beginning in the fifth grade”.

The Aberdeen School District adopted a program that brings HIV prevention and sexual health education, and beginning this year they will be using a FLASH curriculum in grades 4-12 for the education.

A meeting has been scheduled on Wednesday, March 9, 2022 from 5:30 to 6:30 pm at the Steward Building, 900 Cleveland St., to give parents an opportunity to preview the education program. All instructional materials planned for presentation to students will be available for inspection. 

That meeting will also bring an opportunity for families to have discussions before and after the presentation in schools.

Parents who wish to have their children excused from participating in the curriculum will need to sign a release form.

The district does say that state law requires a parent or guardian attend the meeting prior to asking for their child to be excused from participating.

Here is the letter that is being sent home with students sharing more information about the process: