Man hit by wave gets rescued from North Jetty

A man was saved in Ocean Shores after being injured on the jetty.

In a release from the Ocean Shores Police Department, they say that just after 3pm on Thursday, they were called along with the Ocean Shores Fire Department and were dispatched to the North Jetty for a report of a man that fell after being struck by a wave while walking among the jetty rocks. 

They say that the man sustained a leg injury from the fall, and he was unable to get safely back to the beach. They also state that the man was larger, and bystanders were unable to carry him off of the rocks and out of danger from any additional incoming waves. 

The report states that several responders worked to lift the man using a stretcher and away from the precarious position he was in among the rocks and to an OSFD Humvee brought to the edge of the rocks. 

As rescuers carried the man to the beach and the waiting Humvee, a “sneaker wave” came in, forcing the Humvee to move away quickly to avoid being overwhelmed. When the wave receded, the man was taken off the rocks and transported by ambulance to the hospital.      

OSPD says that this incident should be a reminder that the jetty rocks and sneaker waves can be dangerous, encouraging everyone to be careful while near the ocean.  

Ocean Shores Sgt. Iversen said, “Please be very careful while walking on the rocks, and avoid turning your back to the ocean when walking near the edge of the water.”