Man arrested after threatening a Sheriff’s K9 and brandishing knife at deputies

The Pacific County Sheriff’s Office issued a release regarding an arrest late last week that started with the report  of an in-progress vehicle theft.

According to the report, the person reporting the theft provided a description of the vehicle and identified the suspect by name as she knew the man. 

Deputies responding to the area of the incident were familiar with the suspect from previous contacts. 

As deputies checked the area for the stolen vehicle, Sgt. Randy Wiegardt and his K9 partner “Ciko” spotted the suspect, ordering him to stop.

The man reportedly ignored commands and yelled several obscenities towards the deputy as he continued to walk away. 

After warnings that K9 Ciko would be released, the man yelled that if the dog was to approach him, he would stab him, raising a knife in his right hand on several occasions. 

The suspect also threatened that he would stab the Sgt. if he came any closer, saying that “he didn’t care if Sgt. Wiegardt shot him”. 

Two additional deputies arrived on scene and tasers were used on the man, causing him to fall to the ground and drop the knife.

After searching the man, an additional knife was found on his person and the stolen vehicle was recovered nearby. 

“Due to the great teamwork portrayed by the deputies during this incident, deadly use of force was not utilized and the suspect is alive. The amount of professional restraint used by Sgt. Wiegardt and Deputies Eaton and Macomber during this possible deadly use of force situation is commendable,” stated Sheriff Robin Souvenir. 

Jake L. Wilson, 45,  was booked into the Pacific County Jail for charges of Theft of a Motor Vehicle, Assault in the 2nd Degree and Felony Harassment. Wilson is being held on 250,000.00 bail.