How much legal cannabis has been sold locally? Over 161 million.

Since the recreational marijuana was legalized, more than $161 million has been sold within Grays Harbor and Pacific counties.

In 2012, voters in Grays Harbor and Pacific county voted in favor of recreational marijuana legalization, joining the state as a whole to begin the process of retail stores selling legal cannabis. Within Grays Harbor, 53.97% of voters approved the legalization, alongside 54.2% of Pacific County voters.

It wasn’t until late 2014 that the first retail location opened in either county.

Since data began being reported by the Washington Liquor & Cannabis Board in 2015, $112.5 million in the product has been sold through Grays Harbor businesses. Pacific County has seen $49.2 million over that same time period.

If compared to the current local population numbers, since the beginning of retail sales this would equate to $1,463.67 per Grays Harbor resident and $2,054.32 for Pacific.

Year-over-year, the sales have not shown a consistent growth. 

Chart created by KXRO

Within FY 2015, only $41,324.04 in product was sold within Grays Harbor, and only $1296.26 in Pacific.

Once more stores began to open and the market got started, those numbers increased drastically.

In FY 2016, $9.5 million and $9 million was sold in Grays Harbor and Pacific, respectively.

FY 2017 had the largest sales activity within both counties. Grays Harbor sold $21 million in cannabis and $19 million in Pacific. The state saw one of the highest sales years in 2017 as well.

The numbers continue to remain within the millions in both counties.

Within Washington as a whole, $8.3 billion worth of legal marijuana has been sold statewide.

As a note, in daily sales numbers 2015-2018 statewide, it is notable to see that sales did not see a drastic growth on or near 4/20 in any of those years.