The City of Hoquiam passed their 6 Year Transportation Improvement Plan, adding new projects.

On Monday the Hoquiam City Council held a public hearing and vote on the STIP, with a number of projects throughout the city.

By including the projects in the list, it opens them up for possible funding through State resources and other options.

The current list of projects feature a number of options that have been seen in the past, although City Administrator Brian Shay says that there is new work added as well.

Broadway Avenue Safety Improvements could bring over $1.5 million to do slope stabilization, roadway reconstruction, drainage improvements, guardrail installation, and other safety improvements.

Included in the list once again is a study on the possibility of installing a roundabout at Grand Avenue and Sunset Drive, where 5 intersections meet, in order to alleviate traffic concerns. The project would also look to install sidewalks along Grand Avenue and repair roadway sloughing off into Elton Bennett Park. This project has an estimated cost of $300,000.

Some other notable projects include the option of spending over $20 million to construct a bridge connecting the Woodlawn area into town, adding a turnaround on Beacon Hill Drive and North Street,  and starting the construction of a pedestrian and bike trail loop through the city.

In total,  nearly $38 million worth of work is included in the plan.

STIP 2019-2024