Home values increasing, and residents should get their new value soon

Most local homeowners will see an increase in their assessed home value.

The Grays Harbor County Assessor’s office mailed out change of value notices to parts of Grays Harbor on Friday October 9th and residents should be seeing them soon.

Grays Harbor County Assessor Dan Lindgren tells KXRO that in most cases, home values have increased due to a what they say has been a recent spike in real estate interest and higher demand. They tell residents that this has caused higher sale prices of real estate in Grays Harbor. 

If you receive a Notice of Value card and have questions, feel free to call the Assessor’s office at 360-249-4121. 

“We’re happy to answer any questions that you have.”

Lindgren adds that there is a 30 day window for people to dispute or question their new assessed values before they are uploaded to the county website.

He adds that these updated numbers should be available on the website in mid-November.

The new assessed values will affect your property taxes payable in 2021. 

If you do not receive a change of value notice, your assessed value most likely did not change this year. 

Lindgren is also alerting residents that appraisers are now working in the Elma, Oakville and McCleary areas where they will be physically inspecting all homes and properties. 

These appraisers will all have identification and their vehicles will be clearly marked with the Grays Harbor County logos on the vehicle doors. 

The inspections usually just take a few minutes and consist of a walk around and new photos of each property with the occasional re-measure of homes that appear changed from the last inspection 6 years ago.

The Assessor’s Office recommends that you always ask for identification if you have any concerns or are not sure who is on your property. The Assessor’s Office staff will always have a county issued identification. 

All social distancing guidelines will be followed during our onsite inspections.