Health care provider hired for North Beach School-based health center

Grays Harbor County Public Health has hired Dr. Laura Galati to become the North Beach School District’s Health Care Provider for the new School-Based Health Center. 

According to a release, Dr. Galati will be working up to two days per week in the new health center beginning this fall and throughout the school year. 

Only students, faculty and staff will have access to health care services at the center, including sports physicals, vaccinations, and emergent health care issues. 

Reproductive health and other services beyond the scope of the health center will not be provided.

“We are very excited to offer Dr. Galati the position,” said Mike McNickle, Director of Grays Harbor County Public Health. “She is an amazing health care provider who brings experience and passion to her work and will do a fantastic job of providing health care to the students, faculty and staff at the North Beach school district.” 

North Beach School District Superintendent Jim Shank was involved in the hiring process and agreed that Dr Galati would be a great fit for the school district’s new School-Based Health Center.

The School-Based Health Center is currently in the permitting process. 

Construction should begin by the middle of August. 

Health care services will begin once construction activity has been completed.