HarborCrest announces expansion of addiction services for Medicaid patients

More options are now available through HarborCrest Behavioral Health (HarborCrest) for those suffering substance use disorders.

Harbor Regional Health announced an extension of its Medical Detox and Stabilization services to Medicaid patients, using Molina and Amerigroup. 

According to the hospital group, the change aligns with their commitment to serve a broader spectrum of people grappling with Substance Use Disorders.

HarborCrest is a hospital-based detoxification and treatment center and the Substance Use Disorder Unit of Harbor Regional Health Community Hospital.

HarborCrest has been in operation since 1983, and is specifically focused on the treatment and services surrounding substance use disorders.

Services available to patients of HarborCrest who are 18 and older include detoxification and stabilization such as withdrawal management, drug and alcohol testing for employment and other needs, Chemically Using Pregnant Services (CUPS) treatment for pregnant women, Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT), and outpatient services such as DUI evaluations, alcohol and drug information school, and intensive outpatient programs and aftercare.

In addition, there are resources for families of those with a substance use disorder through supportive meetings.

Those interested in learning more about HarborCrest or regarding the updated admission procedures are encouraged to reach out to Intake Coordinator, Carly Millar, SUDPT, at 360-537-6258 to discuss potential patient scheduling or to answer any questions you may have.

HarborCrest is devoted to fostering hope and delivering exemplary patient care. 

“We look forward to furthering our mission through this expanded service outreach.”

For further details about HarborCrest and its offerings, visit https://www.ghcares.org/harborcrest