Grays Harbor student Becky Gudino honored with significant Saint Martin’s University scholarship

A Grays Harbor resident was honored by Saint Martin’s University as one of three recipients of the 2022 Trustee Scholarship.

Local student Becky Gudino joins Amista Mariana Lujan and Cody Mears in receiving what the university says is one of the most significant honors given to incoming transfer students.

Three scholarships are awarded every year to outstanding transfers who exemplify the university’s commitment to academic excellence, community service, and the Benedictine values that sit at the heart of the Saint Martin’s community.

“Every year we are blown away by the students we meet during the Trustee scholarship selection process and this year was no exception,” shares Assistant Director of Transfer Admissions Caitlin Gordon. “These three students impressed us with their passion, grit, determination, service to others, and goals for their futures. We are honored that we can highlight their achievements with this scholarship and are so excited to see how their education here at Saint Martin’s can help them do even more amazing things in the future.” 

From Saint Martin’s University:

  • Becky Gudino from Gray Harbor, WA and originally from Ecuador, is a civil engineering major from Grays Harbor College. Gudino was born in the United States, but moved to Ecuador, South America when she was ten. When she returned to the states she finished college, got married, and started a nonprofit organization called Isaiah 61 International with her husband, Byron. Immediately after, Gudino moved back to Ecuador to start a family and continue building her nonprofit. It was during her time in Ecuador that she discovered her passion for building structures. In 2017, Gudino and her family decided to move back to the United States. She looked for opportunities to further explore her passion and signed up for the pre-engineering program at Grays Harbor College, and soon afterward Gudino learned about the civil engineering program at Saint Martin’s. Gudino shares, “I knew that very day that I had found the most amazing school, or it felt a little bit like it found me.” After graduating, Gudino hopes to pursue a master’s degree in civil engineering and work close to home in Grays Harbor. “I am very grateful for everyone who has helped me along the way – family, friends, teachers, role models, mentors – and for all the amazing people I have yet to meet. Pursuing this dream has been an immeasurable gift and I hope to give back to my community through many diverse building projects.” 
  • Amista Mariana Lujan, from Santa Rita, Guam, is a history major from Guam Community College. Lujan plans to start her academic journey at Saint Martin’s this fall pursuing a bachelor’s degree in history, a subject she has been passionate about since her formative middle school years. After graduation, Lujan dreams of becoming a travel journalist and visiting historical sites or working as a Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) program teacher. “I chose Saint Martin’s University because of its ideal location of being in Washington state where I have family, but also because I remember hearing about it from a former classmate in high school and thought it was a great place to take my next step for my degree,” shares Lujan.  
  • Cody Mears, from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, is a social work major from South Puget Sound Community College (SPSCC). During his adolescence, Mears witnessed a series of traumatic events that opened his eyes to the inequities, inequalities, and stigmatization that run rampant systemically and culturally. His first-hand experience with these social issues led him to become a certified peer counselor where he serves those diagnosed with mental illness or substance use disorder by providing them with a sense of hope and direction. Mears went on to become chapter president of SPSCC’s Active Mind’s chapter and tutor writing both in an effort to combat mental health stigmatization on college campuses, take part in anti-racism efforts, and create inclusive spaces. “I am honored to have received the Trustee’s Scholarship that will allow me to attend Saint Martin’s University and prepare me for my future in my major of social work,” shares Mears.  “I plan on continuing my education with my master of social work before fully going out into the field to work on the growing efforts to create and facilitate change and act as a beacon of hope and proof that recovery is possible — and endeavor to make that recovery possible for others in the ways it was made possible for me.”   

Trustee Scholarships are reserved for students transferring to Saint Martin’s from a community college, and who either have completed or are completing their associate degree with a 3.4 grade point average or higher. 

Each Trustee Scholar will receive a $21,000 scholarship, which will be divided among four semesters of study.