Grays Harbor Raceway cancels Season Opener due to recent rain

The Grays Harbor Raceway Season Opener has been rained out.

General Manager Bert Johnson made the announcement on Tuesday that the season opening events at the dirt track have been canceled.

He said that it is not feasible due to the weather conditions.

Johnson said in a release that the pits are “extremely soft” and the infield is “very wet”. 

Johnson added that the main track is the biggest concern, and even if rain let up prior, there would be lasting damage due to the wet weather.

“We don’t need to trash cars on the first night because of the surface.”

This cancellation follows the Playday event that was scheduled on April 8 to prepare the course that also was canceled due to rain.

“Thanks for understanding. This should also give everyone plenty of advanced notice to make other decisions if they choose to. We will see everyone soon enough.”

The next event scheduled at Grays Harbor Raceway is April 22.