Grays Harbor/Pacific unemployment rates drop in March

Grays Harbor and Pacific County unemployment rates dropped by around an entire percentage point between February and March.

In the latest numbers from the Employment Security Department, Grays Harbor ranks as the 6th highest unemployment statewide, with Pacific at 9th.  

While Grays Harbor was also listed as 6th highest in February, maintaining their position, the numbers are a drop from 8th highest for Pacific the month prior.

Figures, not seasonally adjusted, for Grays Harbor show an increase of approximately 300 to the Civilian Labor Force, adding over 540 to the Total Employment while seeing approximately 250 come off the Total Unemployment. The Grays Harbor unemployment rate dropped from 8.7% in February to 7.8% in March.

Pacific also saw a jump in the Civilian Labor Force, adding over 450 to Total Employment, while Total Unemployment dropped by around 70. This brought the local unemployment rate from 8.4% in February to 7.10% in March.

In comparison to 2023, both counties saw a slight increase for the March, with Grays Harbor remaining comparable to 2022 and Pacific showing a larger drop from two years prior.

Statewide the unemployment rate in Washington sat at 4.8%, up from 4.7% in February, with the national unemployment rate falling to 3.8% in March from 3.9% in February. 


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