Grays Harbor/DNR burn bans lifted

With  the  recent rain,  the  Grays Harbor County Fire Marshal’s office and Fire Districts have lifted restrictions on outdoor burning in Grays Harbor County, following the direction of the Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR).

Commissioner of Public Lands Hilary Franz lifted the statewide burn ban on all forest lands under the Washington State Department of Natural Resources’ (DNR) fire protection earlier this week.

Outdoor burning, campfires, the use of charcoal briquettes, and prescribed burns on all forest lands within DNR’s fire protection are permitted once again. 

“It’s been a long, challenging wildfire season that began with a historic number of fires that were unrelenting – until now,” Commissioner Franz said. “With Autumn’s rains and other shifting weather conditions, I am optimistic we’ve turned the corner, and I couldn’t be happier to continue lifting safety restrictions as a result.”

The burn ban was initially set to expire on Sept. 30, but diminishing wildfire danger shortened the timeline.  

The public is reminded of the importance of completely extinguishing all fires that will not be attended, by dousing with water or moist soil and stirring with a shovel until all parts are cool to the touch.

Please  contact  your  local  Fire  District  for  further  information.    

For  daily  updates on burn  restrictions,  please  contact  DNR  at  800-323-BURN  or  visit  their  website  at, and contact ORCAA at 800-422-5623 or visit their website at

For information about fires on Local Beaches 

  • All beach fires must be located a minimum of 100 feet from the dunes and comply with WAC 352-37-105.
  • Please contact Washington State Parks at 360-902-8844 or visit their website at

For more information on local fire restrictions

  • Fire Districts:  Emergency pages of the local telephone book
  • Grays Harbor County Fire Marshal’s Office:  360-249-4222
  • City Fire Departments:  Government pages of the local telephone book
  • Washington  State  Department  of  Natural  Resources:    Pacific  Cascade  Regional
  • Office at 360-577-2025 or Olympic Region Office at 360-374-2811
  • Olympic Region Clean Air Agency:  800-422-5623
  • Olympic National Park and Olympic National Forest:  360-565-3130