Grays Harbor County courts returning to in-person hearings

Grays Harbor County courts have announced that they are returning to in-person hearings starting in May, but not all.

In an emergency order, Assisting Presiding Judge Katherine Svoboda stated that effective May 2, 2022, the local Dependency docket, Therapeutic Court dockets, Juvenile Court, Civil and Domestic hearings and trials will be conducted in-person.

Monday motion dockets, except for the criminal docket, will be conducted in-person. 

This shall apply to attorneys, litigants and witnesses. 

The Monday Criminal docket will be conducted via Zoom until further notice, except for sentencing and change of plea hearings, which shall be conducted in-person. 

Defendants shall appear via Zoom; Prosecutor and Defense counsel shall be in person for all criminal hearings and prepared to hand up original orders for each case. 

Some safety protocols remain in place, including that anyone entering the courthouse is required to wear a mask, removing them to address the court directly.

April 2022 All hearings scheduled in April 2022 will be held remotely via Zoom. 

Please see the Court’s current Emergency Order 2021-8 dated August 24, 2021, affecting the daily operations of the Court.

Click here for the Court’s Emergency Orders

May 2022 Effective May 2, 2022, the Court will be resuming in-person hearings:

– All Civil, Family Law, and Dependency hearings will be conducted in-person.

– For Criminal hearings, Defendants must appear via Zoom unless you have a Change of Plea or Sentencing Hearing. Any family members or public observers will need to access the hearing via YouTube. The criminal courtroom will be closed to the public.

Court’s General Order 2022-02 dated April 20, 2022, resumes daily operations of the Court.

Click here for the Court’s Emergency Orders