At the certification of local election results, 53.95% of Grays Harbor voters ended up participating in the August Primary.

In the most watched case statewide, Governor Jay Inslee is leading all competitors with 50% of the vote, followed by Loren Culp at just under 18%. In Grays Harbor however, Culp led Inslee 42% to 38%. In pacific County, Culp trails 33% to 42%.

14 counties chose someone other than Inslee to lead the local results. In two counties, Adams and Garfield, Inslee was not even in the top two.

In other races, 19th District Senator Dean Takko will head to the General Election alongside Port of Longview Commissioner Jeff Wilson, although locally voters placed Commissioner Wes Cormier into the top two.

In the 19th District, Representative Brian Blake of Aberdeen won in Grays Harbor, but trails in the overall results. Representative Jim Walsh won both locally and district-wide, and will face Marianna Everson of Montesano for that seat. 

For the 24th District, Senator Kevin Van De Wege also is losing locally to Port Angeles Port Commissioner Connie Beauvais, while leading for the entire legislative district. 

In the same district, Representative Mike Chapman leads locally and overall. In Grays Harbor voters preferred Daniel Charles Svoboda to face the incumbent, but Sue Forde will move on to the General. Representative Steve Tharinger is in a similar position, winning locally but his challenger Brian Pruiett trailed another candidate in local results.

For Grays Harbor County Commissioner, Jill Warne and Jamie Nichols will be on the upcoming ballot to represent East County, and incumbent Commissioner Randy Ross trails challenger Kevin Pine leading into November.

Final Results of August Primary