Grays Harbor Assessor switching to MapGeo from MapSifter

Grays Harbor County is replacing its current parcel mapping website with a new service, and the public can get a first look before the MapSifter site is taken down.

County Assessor, Dan Lindgren announced that the Grays Harbor Assessor’s Office has built a new public facing tax parcel mapping site, and stated that Grays Harbor is the first county in Washington State to implement this “leading edge public facing mapping site”. 

In a release, the Assessor stated that MapGeo is a “technologically advanced, industry leading mapping website that resonates the Grays Harbor County Assessor’s Office’s commitment to make parcel data and easy to use maps readily available to the public”. 

The new site includes upgrades and features not currently available on MapSifter. 

Some of these added features include additional G.I.S. (Geographic Information System) layers that can be laid over the new layers of imagery and basemaps. 

The new county MapGeo site will include additional years of aerial imagery, LIDAR, integrated Google Street view, and zoning information, as well as many other advanced mapping features and GIS layers. 

The parent company that has partnered with the Assessor’s Office to build the new Map Geo site, The Sanborn Map Company, has a history of mapping that dates back to 1866. 

Lindgren says that Sanborn is a leading geospatial data provider and geospatial solutions creator serving state and local governments across the nation.

“It has been a pleasure to work with the team at Grays Harbor,” said Laura Doty, Project Manager at the Sanborn Map Company. “MapGeo is a perfect fit providing staff and residents access to their property data and also maps of recent property sales, forest roads and seashore conservation areas. It is exciting to welcome a new county to the MapGeo family of users.” 

The new site, using the MapGeo service, can be viewed at

MapGeo is available for immediate access at the Assessor’s Office Home page of the Grays Harbor County Website.

This site will be replacing the existing MapSifter website. The current MapSifter site will remain active until at least the end of May 2024 in parallel with the new MapGeo site. 

Link to new Mapping Site