Grays Harbor and Pacific County 3rd and 4th highest for unemployment

Grays Harbor, WA – While Grays Harbor remained the third highest in the state for unemployment, Pacific County fell from the top to fourth highest in February.

According to the Washington Employment Security Department’s non-seasonally adjusted numbers, Grays Harbor’s unemployment rate rose from 9.1% in January to 9.2% in February.

However it was lower than the 9.5% that was previously reported for January by the department.

Pacific County’s unemployment rate fell from 9.3%, and previously reported 10.3% in January, to 9% in February.

Grays Harbor’s labor force and total number of those employed each fell by nearly 400 from January to February and the number of those on unemployment dropped by 11.

In Pacific County the labor force, total number of those employed, and total number of those on unemployment all declined as well.

In February of 2020 Grays Harbor’s unemployment rate was 7.7% and Pacific County’s was 7.3%.

Grays Harbor January 2021 February 2021* February 2020
Labor Force 28,705 28,318 29,174
Total Employment 26,092 25,716 26,918
Total Unemployment 2,613 2,602 2,256
Unemployment Rate 9.1% 9.2% 7.7%

*Latest month non-seasonally adjusted

Pacific County January 2021 February 2021* February 2020
Labor Force 8,792 8,568 8,427
Total Employment 7,973 7,794 7,813
Total Unemployment 819 774 614
Unemployment Rate 9.3% 9.0% 7.3%

*Latest month non-seasonally adjusted