GH Assessor staff in Ocean Shores and Montesano over coming months

Residents could see county staff working on appraisals in their neighborhoods over the coming months.

Grays Harbor County Assessor Dan Lindgren issued a notice to make the public aware that appraisal staff are currently working in the cities of Montesano and Ocean Shores. 

This means if you own a home or property in the cities, at some point over the next 6 months, your property will be visited by a county appraiser. 

Lindgren says that the Assessor’s Office staff will always be able to produce county identification and will always have a vehicle with the county logo clearly shown on each side. 

“The Assessor’s office staff does the best that they can to minimize the time spent on each property and respects the privacy of every property owner while still doing the work necessary to inspect each property properly to produce accurate values for property taxing purposes. “

If you see someone at your property or home with a camera, clipboard, and a tape measure wearing a bright yellow safety vest, it could very well be an appraiser from the Assessor’s Office.

If you have any questions or concerns you can always call the Assessor’s Office to verify that it is an appraiser, or simply ask that appraiser to show you their identification.