Future of Aberdeen homeless shelter location up for debate tonight at City Council meeting

The Temporary Alternative Shelter Location (TASL) in Aberdeen could see the beginning of the end tonight.

At the Aberdeen City Council meeting tonight, the agenda features two items that would extend access to the TASL.

The first item is a report from Ad Hoc Committee on Homeless that recommends the City Council approve the extension of the TASL, pending funding that has been requested from partner agencies, through May 15, 2020. 

Currently the location is set to expire on March 15 without an extension, moving those living there back onto the street.

The report also would add an additional $45,000 in expenses. It says that if non-City funding is not be made available that all TASL operations cease and the site should close down on May 15, 2020.

Any extension beyond May 15, 2020 would require a separate council authorization.

Since being initially approved in July, 2019, The report states that over the last eight months, the council has authorized three extensions for the site next to City Hall. 

Also on the agenda is a report from the same ad hoc committee that in the event funding becomes available for operation of a TASL beyond May 15, 2020, the TASL should move to the Michigan Street property. 

The Michigan site is being considered once again, according to the report, because “The City has received no other recommendations for a location” to operate the TASL that is owned by the city or could be available and would meet certain criteria.

 A move to that location would still require a Temporary Use Permit and could only be authorized for up to one year.